Main Topics & Specials

These were our Main Stage topics at DDD22:


“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity”. It’s been a while since Bill Gates said that, but it couldn’t describe today’s world any better. Back then it was computers or smartphones. Today, one wonders what the Metaverse will look like in the future. What is the Metaverse? What will we do there? How many will there be? Many questions, but there are hardly any answers. What we do know is that big tech companies like Meta are working on it and want to help shape our future.🤖

That’s why we’re looking forward to exciting keynotes on the topic highlight “Metaverse”. Marc Sommer from Meta will give you an understanding of the Metaverse, Frank Neidig will explain the future of NFTs and in the Speed Pitch you will get to know 3 Metaverse startups better.


How can industry reduce its ecological footprint through innovation? Together with four top speakers, we will shed light on the design scope for sustainable solutions at DDD22. 🌱

Look forward to our mainstage programme on the topic of #Sustainability – including Tom von Löwis. As team boss of the Reutlingen-based racing team Four Motors, he is realising the idea of an environmentally friendly sports car that is powered by biodiesel and whose bodywork is made from renewable raw materials. They are also recyclable!♻️

Hi-Tech NRW

Digital platforms from Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Apple (FAMGA for short) now dominate consumer NRW stands for industry. No other federal state has such a wealth and variety of industrial monuments. Themed routes lead across the state to collieries, gasometers, coking plants, blast furnaces, production sites and hoisting stations. The disused industrial sites not only keep industrial history alive, but also bear witness to the structural change in this region.

In 1941, it was the production of thyssenkrupp, today it is Europe’s first quantum annealer with over 5,000 qubits – NRW has proven for decades that this region stands for an innovative and leading industry. However, it has long since ceased to be about armaments or machines. It is above all about how NRW can assert itself as a pioneer for high-tech and tech trends in Europe. This is exactly what our Hi-Tech NRW topic block is about!

Our DDD22 Specials:

Metaverse Zone with NFT Exhibition – presented by Flux collective feat. 7th Space”

NFTs are on everyone’s lips. They are loved and hated, they polarise. All the more reason to get involved with them! Experience the first NFT art exhibition in NRW at #DDD22 – among other things in the VR bus.

The exhibition shows a cross-section of the diverse possibilities to connect art with the blockchain. Whether digital fine art, 2D or 3D motion design, video, gaming, artificial intelligence, augmented reality or classic photography, works from all these areas will be on display.

It is presented by Flux Collective together with 7th space. Get a sneak peek here: Video NFT Exhibition


If you still haven’t had enough after the numerous presentations and pitches, we invite you to our after-show party!

Together with DJ Klaas and his international hit “Infinity 2008” (- the official music video shows over 100 million views on YouTube -) we will celebrate after the main programme with drinks & snacks and let the evening come to an end. Partner of the party is the Bankenverband NRW – we are looking forward to it! Be there!