DIGITAL DEMO DAY 2022 is the biggest startup show & conference for tech startups in Germany. With the DIGITAL DEMO DAY, digihub Düsseldorf/ Rheinland initiated a new event format that provides a platform for industrial tech startups especially in VR, AR, IoT cyber security, smart devices, drones and robotics to exhibit their digital technologies to try out and get in touch with. Building on three successful years at postPost Grand Central in Düsseldorf and the AREAL BÖHLER, the DIGITAL DEMO DAY celebrates innovation by bringing together startups, SMEs, corporates and universities, who are looking for opportunities of digital transformation.

When does the DIGITAL DEMO DAY take place?

The DIGITAL DEMO DAY will take place on Thursday, August 18, 2022.

Where does the DIGITAL DEMO DAY take place?

The DIGITAL DEMO DAY will be held at the AREAL BÖHLER (Hansaallee 321, 40549 Düsseldorf, Germany).

How do I get to AREAL BÖHLER?

It is recommended to visit the DIGITAL DEMO DAY by public transport. The Areal Böhler is well connected to the city. In addition, there are enough parking slots.

Is the public transportation included in the ticket?

No, unfortunately the public transportation is not included in the ticket.

What are the opening hours of the DIGITAL DEMO DAY?

The DIGITAL DEMO DAY opens its doors from 8 AM until 6 PM.

I am interested in exhibiting at the DIGITAL DEMO DAY as a Startup, whom do I contact?

If you are interested in taking part as an exhibitor at the DIGITAL DEMO DAY, please contact events@digihub.de or fill out our Exhibitor Application Form

Are the tickets for the DIGITAL DEMO DAY transferable?

It is possible to refund your ticket up to 7 days before the event. To request a refund, go to Tickets in your GuestID account, find your order and then select “Request refund”.

Where can I find the agenda for the DIGITAL DEMO DAY?

You can find our agenda here. Please consider that we might make some changes until the event. So it is worth checking it out more often!

Can I get something to eat and drink at the DIGITAL DEMO DAY?

There will be snack bars and food stands where you can purchase food and beverages.

Do I need an invitation letter to visit the DIGITAL DEMO DAY?

You don’t need an invitation letter for the DIGITAL DEMO DAY because it is a trade fair.

“Letter of invitation from the trade fair organiser: In a mail order dated July 2013, the Federal Foreign Office informed the visa offices of German embassies and consulates worldwide that, as a rule, an invitation letter from the trade fair organiser is no longer required to apply for a trade fair visa.”

or in German:

“Einladungsschreiben des Messeveranstalters: das Auswärtige Amt hat mit einem Mailerlass vom Juli 2013 die Visastellen der deutschen Botschaften und Konsulate weltweit darüber informiert, dass für die Beantragung eines Messevisums im Regelfall kein Einladungsschreiben des Messeveranstalters mehr erforderlich ist.”

We suggest you to use this information for the visa application at the German embassy in your home country.

Can the DIGITAL DEMO DAY take place on site?

  • We conduct the DIGITAL DEMO DAY in accordance with the, at the time of the event, valid Corona Protection Regulation of the State of NRW.
  • If it is not possible to hold the event on site, we will unfortunately have to cancel the event. At that time, we will inform you as soon as possible via our social media channels, our newsletter and/or by email (if you have already purchased a ticket).

Why not switch to an online-only event?

The DIGITAL DEMO DAY thrives on a lively exchange on site. In addition, we would like to give you the opportunity to finally participate in a live event on site again.

Are masks required throughout the day?

We will report on existing COVID policies prior to the event. We will also provide information about current regulations on site. There will be no mask requirement. If you feel unwell or have symptoms, we advise you to stay at home.

What data do we collect from our participants?

See our terms of use.

How will the event take place?

First of all, we ask every participant and exhibitor to register via our ticket tool. We can only let people through on site who have completed an online registration and can show their ticket printed or digitally.

On the day of the event, the following steps are required for the registration process and admission:

  1. Please bring your admission ticket printed or digitally
  2. Check-In / Registration: Show your QR code and then receive your day ticket. Important: Please do not lose it, because your personal QR code will be scanned at every entrance and exit.
  3. After you have been successfully registered, you can move freely in the halls and between the halls in the fresh air.
  4. If you wish to leave the exhibition grounds in the meantime, please use the two official exits from the halls.

What happens if the event is cancelled? Is it possible to postpone my participation until next year?

If the DIGITAL DEMO DAY should be cancelled, we would offer you the following:
1. Refund of your ticket
2. If you are interested in attending the DIGITAL DEMO DAY next year, you can also keep your ticket and use it in 2023.

Will my participation fee be refunded in case of corona illness / quarantine?

In case of a corona illness or a necessary quarantine, the refund of your participation fee is not possible.